After the birth of their son Amadeus, Sharlely took some time out of work, however still participated in interviews and made television appearances in collaboration with Boris. When Amadeus turned 4, she began making more solo appearances on television.


Alongside this, she has made many charitable contributions including partaking in events such as the yearly Cash and Rocket Rally, an organisation that inspires, motivates and supports women from all walks of life.

Born in Rotterdam, Holland, Sharlely was raised by her grandparents, and has a rich cultural background; her mother from Suriname and her

father from Germany.


Leaving home at the age of 18, Sharlely travelled the world to pursue her career in modelling. She found herself living in Italy, London and Israel working for a range of companies including Ricardo Gay Modelling agency and Oasis casino. After returning home for a year, at the age of 22 she moved to the United States of America where she travelled between Miami and New York, working as a model. This is where she met her husband, Boris Becker.  

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